Wedding Videography

Way Kul Productions can custom design your Wedding Video the way you would like it done or choose an affordable package with one or more cameras to fit your budget. Wedding Packages include your invitation with music, picture montage, preparation before the ceremony, and the entire wedding ceremony, all edited onto one DVD. Then the reception edited onto another DVD in a beautiful DVD case.

Wedding Videography is the ultimate art form for reliving the most precious moments of your life.
You will want to see and hear your loved ones as they were on your wedding day…..
Your wedding video, when produced from start to finish by a professional, is a beautiful thing to behold…..

Your Wedding Day is one of the most important days of your life. You will want to remember every vivid detail, your vows, your gown, your reception…..
A day you will want to relive over and over again…..
After your wedding you will be amazed at how much you have forgotten or missed of your wedding day…..
Your wedding video WILL be a family heirloom for your children and grandchildren to cherish when they grow old.
It isn’t just a video; it’s a work of art…..

Let us create a Spectacular Wedding Video for you…..

Why Brides choose Way Kul Productions

Everyone has their own idea of what a Wedding Video should be, how long it should be and what they don’t want to see in it.
At Way Kul Productions I believe it’s very important to meet with the bride and groom for many reasons.

So they get to know me, so they can be comfortable knowing that I will capture the moments that are important to them and their family. That I will
do my best to professionally get the shots they want without disrupting their event, their guests and the other vendors performing their duties. I meet with or talk with (by phone) the officiant, the DJ, the photographer, and the person in charge at the venue to create a professional working arrangement.
This will help ensure we can all work together to do our jobs professionally and to our best ability so we are not in each others way.

I will go over all of the details of their wedding and reception to be sure each detail is covered the best way possible. Go over times and locations of each event and best parking spots for loading and unloading equipment.

These are just some of the details I prefer to know before the wedding so the bride can enjoy her wedding day without a bunch of questions.

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