Photo & Video Transfers

Memories are made to be enjoyed

Watch your old home movies on your TV with your family. Then give them a copy as a gift. Your video of your home movies will be a family heirloom for your children and grandchildren to cherish when they grow old.  Convert your home movies, videotapes, photos, 8mm and super 8 films to DVD’s and digital files to share with your family.

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Transfer your Old Pictures to DVD
Save   your   precious   memories   for   generations   to   come…

Create an Elegant DVD Slideshow Montage of your special memories to share with your family and friends. Whether you’re celebrating a 50th Anniversary, Birthday, or a child’s graduation, an Elegant DVD Slideshow Montage is an unforgettable way to relive and share special memories in honor of the event.

                              Before                                                                                                                   After


An Elegant DVD Slideshow Montage of your images includes cropping each image to best highlight the subject of the photo. Images are on the screen for 7 seconds (variable upon request) with smooth fade transitions between images and we’ll add an opening text screen with a title of your choice. Designing artwork for your DVD and case label with a photo and title of your choice.

Also includes all of the photos saved as image files on a CD/DVD and your Elegant DVD Slideshow Montage on another DVD.

All of your original materials are returned to you with your finished DVD.  All work is done by our professionally trained staff in our studio, and the originals do not leave our site.

The shelf life of video tape and film is short. The quality of your video tapes is degrading over time, whether you play them or not.  Don’t lose your family’s precious memories….

Transfer them to DVD and make copies to share with the family.

Over time, the magnetic particles on videotape that make up the picture and sound on your video begin to lose their bond to the plastic tape. You can permanently destroy a videotape by simply playing it a single time. These particles (iron oxide) can also become detached from the plastic tape over time even without playback.

Film degrades and becomes very brittle to the point it will not feed through a projector. Permanent damage can occur during playback and many customers no longer have a working projector. Converting film to DVD preserves these priceless memories that can be viewed again and again.

Special Projects

Share special moments with friends and family. Create digital scrapbooks or presentations to commemorate a loved one’s life, or a major milestone. Let us know how we can help create meaningful memories.

We also specialize in creating moving presentations for memorial services. If you are planning a service, consider a short memorial reflection of your loved one’s life. We can include their favorite songs and spoken word remembrances.

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