The age of Online Marketing is here

Online Marketing

The age of Online Marketing is here and Online Video is everywhere, in social media, websites and Facebook just to name a few.

The audience for online video is huge and so are the opportunities. It’s time to tell your story and engage your customers like never before.

Every business should include video in their marketing, for branding, training, product demos, recruitment and social awareness.

Video marketing has grown 650% in the past year and its awesome power to deliver a message has become the most effective and affordable way that a business can reach its customers.

There is a 64% increase in a prospect’s propensity to buy after watching video

52% of viewers take action after watching

30% of viewers visit a store

30-40% increase in clicks for more information

16-20% increase in phone calls

You are 53 times more likely to give your website an organic 1st page ranking on Google search results.

Online video has exploded within the past couple of years and it continues to develop into one of the most influential marketing tools ever.

After a face-to face meeting, it’s the best way to communicate – to tell a story, visually and with emotion. If your goals are to boost awareness, educate or covert sales, online video should be your new best friend.

Educate your potential customers with 1 or a series of videos.

Video works, grab your customers by the eye balls.

I’m working on some videos now and can’t wait to show them when they are done.

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