Sports Videography

Way Kul Productions can capture your sporting event, game, tournament or match in high definition video to review and identify areas for improvement or to promote your sport. Way Kul Productions Sports Videography offers professional and affordable services to capture every moment of the action to produce a Highlight or Recruiting Video.

Let’s video your sports game.

We can do it. Fishing, Football, Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, and more. Even slow-motion.

Whether it’s video for recruitment or keepsake, our team of videographers make it easy. Our team has the right equipment and training to capture even the most action-intensive sports. Sports Videography by Way Kul films anything from youth games to high-profile events — all in High-Definition

Features that matter.

One game — or the entire season. We can handle it.


For coaches and players.

Sports Videography is an amazing tool — especially for players looking to improve technique, or for coaches looking to more effectively communicate instructions. Video review, with or without slow motion, can sometimes make all the difference.

For coaches looking to analyze team performance, a camera with a higher vantage point can be tremendously helpful. We use a powerful 10x zoom capable camera, along with fluid tripods for following the action.

You can give us direction, so we achieve the result you’re looking for. For coaches looking to film combines, we can change angles, be mobile, and work with you to study individual player strengths and weaknesses.



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