4 Ways Video Marketing can Enhance Your Business

In a tight economy, your business needs every edge that it can get to surpass the competition. Excellent products and services are being overlooked because businesses haven’t figured out exactly how to reach their target audience. Video marketing lets you get in front of your customers by offering you a unique way to catch their attention and grow your relationship with them.

So, what are the benefits of Video Marketing?
There are a lot of reasons why video marketing works where standard text and banner advertisements don’t. Of these, four key reasons are:

1. Video helps customers learn faster
Videos are able to teach users without them having to spend the time reading. Even if they don’t watch the visuals, visitors can listen to what you have to say while they are doing other things. This dramatically increases the exposure that your business gets with each and every customer.

2. Quadruple your exposure time
Customers very rarely spend more than a minute on a page, especially if the first paragraph of an article doesn’t interest them. Videos are much easier to get full views on, so you can easily quadruple your exposure time, especially if you have a compelling speech or you’ve produced a funny video that has gone viral.

3. Be more personal with your viewer
In videos, it is easier to be more personal with your viewer. After all, a video makes it appear like you’re speaking directly with your customer. This helps enhance their perceptions of you and your business. Your business doesn’t remain a faceless entity. There is a person behind the business, and you’re engaging directly with your customer.

4. Engage your customers in an interactive way
Finally, most people like watching videos. It is fun, and when created right, it is engaging. It doesn’t always have to be funny, but it is much easier to reach a customer and hold their attention when you use video as the medium
With the growth of the internet, viral videos, video marketing, and even instructional videos have all taken their places as important marketing tools to let businesses reach their customers. At first glance, this may seem really difficult, but it isn’t nearly as hard as it sounds.

So, what do you need to do to get involved in the video movement?
You’re going to need some nice clothes, a HD video camera, professional lighting, and a place to record your video. Depending on your business or service, you may need some props. It is possible to get the lighting and the camera for less than five hundred dollars, especially if you shop around for good deals.This makes it one of the cheapest ways that you can advertise, especially if you take advantage of youtube’s free hosting.
Once you have the equipment, you can record your videos about your business. Make them fun, engaging, and remember to leave your call of action at the very end.

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